The Blockchain-based signature app

Decentralized, Open Source, at minimal cost.

This app is currently in beta version

Only use testnets to sign/check documents.

If you only want to check document signatures, the web app is automatically configured to work on the Ropsten testnet.

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ULC Documents is a set of smart contracts in the Ethereum Blockchain, allowing a moral or physical person to virtually sign any type of document. Thanks to Blockchain technology, this system is very secure and reliable.
This web application allows you to interact with these smart contracts in order to check or sign files, raw text or directly hashes. ULC Documents is decentralised, open source and can be used without charges. You will only need to pay for Ethereum network costs when you will want to sign a document.

Check a signature

You need to have the address of a kernel storing signatures to check document. Please follow these instructions to connect to a kernel.

Sign a document

You need to have an Ethereum wallet and to be owner of a kernel to sign documents. Please follow these instruction to setup a signing environment.